Nationwide Issue of Stray Dog Attacks: Demand for Urgent Action - Vijay Goel

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Nationwide Issue of Stray Dog Attacks: Demand for Urgent Action - Vijay Goel

(1) 14 year old child who died a painful death due to dog bite (2) A weak person is walking with 3 dogs, what will happen if they go out of control... 

• India accounts for 36 percent of rabies deaths globally and also, data shows that 65 percent of deaths due to rabies in the South-East Asia region occur in India.

• Rabies eradication in India has become a long-standing public health challenge. Rabies is the tenth leading cause of death from infectious disease globally.

Highlighting the tragic death of a 14-year-old boy due to dog bite in Ghaziabad, former Union Minister Vijay Goel has urged the government to take immediate steps to address the growing problem of stray dog attacks.

In a recent statement, Goel expressed his concern about the growing menace of stray dogs across the country. He pointed out that while discussions about relocating stray dogs before the G-20 Summit were met with resistance from animal lovers and NGOs citing existing laws, these same organizations remain silent when such strays harm innocent children and the elderly.

Goel emphasized that the fear of stray dogs has gripped the entire nation, citing an incident in Ghaziabad where a woman kept three dogs without administering anti-rabies injections, leading to fatal consequences in the locality.

Furthermore, Goel raised the issue of misplaced priorities, as some individuals prioritize stray dogs over human safety. He underscored the increasing aggression of these strays, exacerbated by their consumption of other animals. This has not only led to tragic incidents but also negatively impacted tourism in the country, with both locals and tourists fearing stray dog encounters.

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Highlighting the inconsistency of so-called dog lovers, Goel noted their reluctance to adopt even a single stray dog. He explained that feeding stray dogs at a particular location can lead them to claim it as their territory, potentially resulting in bites when others approach.

Goel also criticized the apathy of state governments and Municipal Corporations (MCD) towards the rising dog attacks. He pointed out the lack of proper sterilization procedures for strays and the absence of anti-rabies injections for both pets and strays.

Goel, who has been advocating for a solution to the dog bite problem in Delhi for several months, proposed a series of urgent steps to address the issue. These include ensuring that all dogs receive anti-rabies injections, increasing the sterilization of stray dogs, providing anti-rabies injections at all hospitals, and holding dog owners accountable in case of biting incidents.

The seriousness of the matter, as highlighted by Goel, calls for immediate action to ensure the safety of citizens and the wellbeing of stray dogs.

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