Vijay Goel Takes the Lead in Addressing Stray Dog Menace with New Initiative

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Sh. Vijay Goel inaugurates Centre for Stray Dog Problems

Sh. Vijay Goel inaugurates 'Centre for Stray Dog Problems' at his office in Bengali Market

Former Union Minister Vijay Goel, a dedicated advocate for resolving the issue of stray dogs across the nation through his organization 'Lok Abhiyan,' marked a significant step forward today with the inauguration of the 'Centre For Stray Dog Problems' at his office in Bengali Market.

Addressing the media during the inauguration, Goel emphasized that the initiative is not aimed at being anti-dog but rather at restoring respect for stray dogs in the community. He asserted that the newly established center will serve as a platform for individuals to voice their complaints about stray dog-related issues, particularly instances of dog bites that may have gone unnoticed.

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Residents, as well as Resident Welfare Associations grappling with the stray dog menace, are encouraged to submit their complaints to the center. Goel highlighted that concerns related to the improper sterilization of stray dogs by Municipal Corporation officials will also be documented and forwarded for necessary action.

In a comprehensive approach, the center will collaborate with NGOs specializing in the well-being of stray animals, ensuring that dogs in distress receive prompt medical attention. Additionally, the center will disseminate information about facilities actively involved in the sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs.

Goel shared alarming statistics, revealing that there are over 6.4 crore stray dogs nationwide, contributing to an estimated 4 crore cases of dog bites annually. During a recent visit to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Goel noted an alarming trend, with the hospital receiving 200 to 250 cases of dog bites daily, translating to 72,000 cases annually. These staggering figures underscore the urgent need for a coordinated effort to address the escalating issue of stray dog bites in Delhi alone.

Expressing concern for the growing fear and hatred toward dogs due to the rising incidents of dog bites, Goel stressed the importance of large-scale sterilization to control the population. He cautioned that failure to address the issue may lead to a significant shift in public perception of dogs.

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Goel did not shy away from addressing the alleged negligence by the Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal, in tackling the stray dog problem. He accused the party of turning a blind eye to the menace and cited a lack of infrastructure and corruption in NGOs involved in sterilization work.

To further intensify efforts and draw attention to the pressing issue, Goel announced a national convention on stray dog problems scheduled for December 20, 2023, at the Constitution Club. He emphasized the increasing prevalence of rabies caused by stray dog bites, with one-third of the world's rabies cases occurring in India alone.

Vijay Goel's initiative marks a commendable step toward fostering a more compassionate and responsible approach to address the complex issue of stray dog management in the country.

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